Recommended Reading Materials for Kids

Just because the academic year is over does not necessarily mean that kids should stop learning. Summertime can still be fun by simply introducing books that will entice your kids to read. In this article, we collated some of the best books to read by children, especially children between five years old and nine years old. Basically, these reading materials are in the form of stories and they will really capture the interest and imagination of your kids. The recommended books below are available in both English and Spanish.

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·         My Colors, My World – This book was written by Maya Christina Gonzales. It features little Maya in the Mojave Desert. It is an amazing habitat with beautiful colors. The air is dry and the heat is intense. It tells the adventure of little Maya is a beautiful yet challenging dessert. It is a picture book, which will surely be enjoyed by kids.

·         Hello Night – This book was written by Amy Costales and Mercedes McDonald. The book is all about a mother and her young boy and their crusade in the night. They were greeted by the moon in different scenarios. The beauty of the moon as it reflects the lake, forest, and other locations. Basically, it is a mother and son adventure before bedtime.

·         Moon Rope – It is a wonderful book written by Lois Ehlert and Amy Prince. The story is all about Fox and Mole who were having a hard time cooperating with each other. They both want to reach the moon but in a different way. The common piece that brought them back together is a rope made of woven grass. This story book is perfect for kids ages four years old and above.

·         The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred – This book was written by Samantha R. Vamos and Rafael Lopez. It features the farm maiden cooking rice pudding with the help of the entire farm family. Al the farm animals help the maiden and they work harmoniously to cook a delicious rice pudding.

·         Dogs! Dogs! – Ginger Foglesong Guy and Sharon Glick created the best story book for kids. The story features dogs of different shapes and sizes and their adventure of a lifetime as they visit different places such as the playground, school, library, and other exciting places around the city.

·         Mouse Paint – As the title says, the book features a mouse who loves to play. It is a story written by Ellen Stoll Walsh. The mouse loves to mix and discover how primary colors achieve secondary colors. It is a colorful story book which will truly awaken the artistic and imaginative side of your kids.

Cultivating the habit of reading starts at a young age. Parents need to make sure their children will have a meaningful summer experience. Choose the best reading materials for your kinds; something that is age-appropriate. The books featured above are just some of the many interesting books you would want to introduce to your kids.