Some of the best novels written by Nicholas Sparks

For bookworms and hopeless romantic, Nicholas Sparks is for sure one of their favorite novelists. He is the master of beautiful fiction. He has a distinct way of cultivating the hopeless romantic side of us. In fact, most of his novels were made into movies. Below are our top five Nicholas Sparks novels.

#1 – Message in a Bottle

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A divorced woman, Theresa Osborne is jogging on the beach when she finds a bottle containing a letter of love and longing to a girl named Catherine. The letter signed Garrett. Out of curiosity and the feeling she gets after reading the message, Theresa searches for Garrett; a man that will change her life forever. She found a message in a bottle but what she finds is a love that is timeless and everlasting. His novel, “Message in a Bottle” made us realized that no matter what the hurdle, destiny will always prevail.

#2 – The Notebook

It is a celebration of everlasting love. It presents love in a timeless and ageless way, which will make us believe that true love really exists. Noah, the main character is haunted by a girl’s image whom he lost more than a decade ago. Allie; a socialite is supposed to marry a wealthy lawyer but can’t help thinking about Noah; a boy who stole her heart many years back. The Notebook is all about turning tragedy into triumph; the power of true love. The Notebook is the first debut novel of Nicholas Sparks.

#3 – Dear John

John is a school dropout and enlisted in the Army. He seems lost and doesn’t know what to do with his life until he meets Savannah, the girl of his dreams. It was an instant attraction the moment they first met. While John was in his tour of duty, Savannah patiently waited for him. Being away from each other for too long caused Savannah to fall in love with someone else. He wrote a letter, “Dear John and those two words broke John’s heart. John returned home only to find out that Savannah is already married and she still remains John’s true love.

#4 – The Last Song

Ronnie was only seventeen years old when her parents divorced. Years passed by and she is still angry with her parents, especially her father. So, her mother decided that she should spend some time with her father in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her father was a musician; a former concert pianist and teacher. Her father lives quietly in the beach town and does work of art that eventually became the centerpiece of the local church. In this novel, Nicholas Sparks shows a story of love on many levels; the love between two opposite sex and a love of parents for their children and vice versa, and the love for one’s self. The Last Song is all about broken hearts and healing.

#5 – A Walk to Remember

It is one of the novels that put a smile in our hearts and tears in our eyes. Landon Carter; a handsome guy at school has fallen in love with Jamie, a girl whom he thought would be the last person he’d fall in love with. Nicholas Sparks dedicated this novel to his sister, which turned out to be one of his most heartfelt novels.